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Washington State: Seattle (Pt. 1)

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A few weekends ago I was able to fly up to Washington state to visit my best friend from high school. Her husband is in the coast guard which is why they moved way up north last year. I’ve missed her a ton, but after seeing where she’s been living I understand why she has no interest in coming back to california. She misses her family down here of course, but after living in such a rainy, beautiful, lush, green state I can totally understand. My trip was jam packed with tons of beautiful scenery, so this kid took a ridiculous amount of photos. I thought it would be best to just break up my trip into three entries. The first: Seattle. I only got to spend an afternoon there and ohhhh man I could totally live in this city. It has an entirely different vibe than Los Angeles does, and it’s hard to explain unless you go.

My photography journey started out as me snapping photos while on family vacations, and since has progressed into a passion for portraits. Going on this trip allowed me to fall back in love with taking photos of scenery rather than people. I only took my 50 mm lens with me, which at first I immediately regretted. Being in a city it was hard to get back far enough to capture the vision I had in mind- especially knowing that my wide angle lens was sitting at home in my room. However, after looking back through my photos I am really glad I only had one lens with me. It challenged me to be creative, to use what was around me, and to figure out how to translate what I had in my head to fit what I seeing through the lens (all of which are super important skills when photographing clients). Even though the majority of my photos are of the city, I still snuck in a couple here and there of Chelsey (who unknowingly signed up to be my tour guide AND model). Anyways, enough with the words and onto the photos! And be on the look out for my next post with images from about 2 hours north of Seattle; Port Angeles, Neah Bay, and Cape Flattery.

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