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Philip and Anastasia: Engaged

Posted on November 3rd, by admin in COUPLES. 1 Comment

When Jake and I hung out with Anastasia and Phil for the first time as a couple, I remember turning to Jake and telling him how excited I was to take their engagement photos some day. (At this point Anastasia will be laughing as she reads this, because since he proposed I’ve told her this story a ton of times). But it’s true! The way the two of them interacted, how you could tell they were in their own little carelessly in love world wherever they went, the way Phil would look at Anastasia as she was telling a story, how Anastasia would bring out the silly in Phil. After dating for just a few short weeks, Jake and I knew they were 100% perfect for each other. And sure enough, fast forward one year, I got to go on a little adventure to Union Station with these two and capture their love for one another. Some things had changed: their relationship was a little bit older, Anastasia had a beautiful ring on her finger, and you could tell they had grown together in their year of dating. But one thing definitely remained the same: they still had the exact same carefree love for one another that I saw on the first double date that we went on. Anastasia and Phil, it was truly an honor to be able to do this photo shoot with you guys, and I can’t wait to stand next to you two when you say “I do” in three short months! 

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