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Chelsey and the girls getting ready

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So you may remember this gorgeous lady from her engagement photo shoot I did a while back. Well, her and Chris’s big day finally came and I was privileged to be a bridesmaid in their wedding! It was hands down one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. Chelsey and I have been best friends since highschool and it was a great joy being a part of this big day. The rehearsal was at the Walnut grove out in Moorpark, and us girls stayed the night in a hotel right near the venue. It was a fun day/ night filled with laying by the pool, ordering pizza, lots of giggles, watching old movies, and loads of memories. This is the second wedding I’ve been in that the bride chose to do this, and I think it’s SUCH a good idea! What better way to spend your last day of being single than with your best friends? The morning of, In the midst of all the make up and hair spray craziness, I managed to grab my camera and shoot some pictures of Chelsey and us bridesmaids getting ready. Oh, the anticipation for the big day! Chelsey, I hope you and Chris enjoy these pictures and have a wonderful and blessed marriage together. Love you both!

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