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Welcome Baby Owen

Posted on July 3rd, by admin in FAMILIES. 2 comments

I was getting stuff done around the house on a beautiful wednesday night in May when I received the phone call- my sister was going into labor and was heading to the hospital. Excitement rushed through me as Jake and I headed out the door, straight to the hospital to await the birth of my baby nephew. He is Chelsea and Daniel’s very first baby so there was so much uncertainty and expectancy as we paced the waiting room eager for news. After quite a few hours we were told to just head home and try to get some sleep, that baby Owen was sitting tight in Mama’s tummy and definitely wouldn’t be coming until the morning. So at nearly 1 AM Jake and I headed home hoping to get a bit of shut eye, but leaving our phones inches away from our ears just in case he came sooner than expected. Well sure enough just 45 minutes after we laid down to sleep we got the call and headed right back to the hospital- slightly dazed but so excited to meet our new nephew. I will always remember the second I entered that room and saw him. I’ve never before felt that immediately surging love for another human being the second I saw them. He was laying there snuggled up so tight in my sister’s arms as Daniel held his wife’s hand. Chelsea did such an amazing job and looked fantastic for having just went through labor. Daniel stood proudly by her side as he watched his first son being born. It’s hard to describe but being there felt so magical- we were witnessing the start of a brand new life. I’m so honored that I was able to be there to capture some photos to share. Below you will also see photos of when they brought him home from the hospital, as well as some newborn photos and some family photos at the very end. (special thanks to Daniel for capturing a quick photo of me holding my nephew below).

Owen, you have so many people so wonderfully in love with you already (this proud Aunt included). I am so excited to see the person you are going to grow up to be. I am sure of one thing: The good Lord has placed you in two very special people’s care. Chelsea and Daniel are going to love on you so much (as they already have) and lean on the Lord’s strength always.

Without further ado, here is little Baby Owen James Northrop.

Rottner Family Photo shoot

Posted on August 4th, by admin in FAMILIES. No Comments

I love how each and every photo shoot I do with a family is completely different from the previous one. Each family has their own personalities, their own way of showing love, their own way of laughing, their own giggles, their own love.

The Rottner’s are no different. Dave and Lena are one of the most giving couples I’ve ever met. I’ve known them for almost a decade, years before little Sammy and Noah came along. They poured out all of their energy and love into their “adopted” kids at our church (and by kids, I mean teens and college aged adults. they still count as kids, right? :p). They were always finding new ways to give back, to show God’s love to those around them. When we got news a couple years ago that their real adoption of Sammy and his brother Noah went through we knew these two boys were being blessed with a family that would love them unconditionally. God is so good, that’s for sure.

Things I loved about this shoot?

-Noah’s truly pure and loving heart. I’ve never before been interrupted in the middle of taking pictures only to look down to see a sweet child hugging my legs. For no reason other than to show the love he’s been given to others. Melts my heart.

-Sammy’s rambunctious little personality. We pretty much took photos wherever Sammy was running off to next. When he was done sitting we would know because two seconds later he’d be running off to another spot, chasing the wind, admiring the trees, quoting toy story as he played with his buzz lightyear action figure.

-How Noah and Sammy showed the same love their parents give so freely to one another. Sammy would gladly tell me how much he loved his brother. Noah would invite Sammy to ride on his most favorite bike with him.

-Lastly, watching how much Dave and Lena pour into their kids. The patience they have with them, the giggle fights and sweet hugs.

Such a dear sweet photo shoot. But enough of my babbling, and onto the photos :)

Donnelly Family Photo shoot

Posted on April 20th, by admin in FAMILIES. No Comments

Where to even begin with this family? I’ve known Ryan and Jenn for years, long before their little tykes came along. Even back then as newly weds they had such a heart for loving people and serving as much as they can through our church. Fast forward to present day, Ryan and Jenn have 4 wonderful kids all under the age of 5- and that same love I saw back then is now magnified in their happy family. I seriously don’t know how they have enough hours in the day to do all they do- between pouring into their kids lives, serving in the youth group at my church, being on the missions committee, planning events, mentoring the youth, and still managing to make time to hang out with my boyfriend and I- staying up late watching silly canadian shows. All I can say is that this family seriously knows how to love others selflessly, so it was such an honor to give back in some little way by taking photos of their beautiful family. This shoot was in our schedules for months, and even with a few hick ups and needing to reschedule, we finally set a date in March. However, once we showed up, even after a week of beautiful so cal sunshine, it decided to be drizzly and wet for the couple of hours that we shot. But just a few raindrops wouldn’t stop us from having a blast! Between making silly faces at the camera, goofy tickle fights, a rocking pink tutu, super hero poses, and watching the rain drops fall from under a clear umbrella… we had so much fun. I haven’t laughed that hard or played that much in quite some time. After taking pictures of families and kids I always have that “purpose moment.” I know it might sound a bit corny, but when I sat down to edit through these pictures, I couldn’t help but smile and feel that deep down inside this is what I’m meant to be doing. This is what brings me happiness; this is what makes my heart sing. So, I hope you enjoy these images I was honored to capture for Ryan, Jenn, Benjamin, Joshua, Noelle, and Ezra. :) Welcome to the blog the Donnelly Family.

Donnelly Family Sneak Peak

Posted on April 10th, by admin in FAMILIES. No Comments
Hey everyone! I hope your Tuesday is going well. Just couldn’t wait to share a sneak peak from a session I did with the Donnelly family. A family with four adorable kids, two amazing and incredibly in love parents, a rainy day and a deserted park… sounds like a dream to me :) More to come from this wonderful family, but here’s a shot I got of little Noelle and Jenn. Check back soon for the full shoot! 




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