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Ross & Brianne- Engaged

Posted on February 7th, by admin in COUPLES. 2 comments

When Brianne contacted me to shoot her wedding I was over the moon excited! It’s crazy how this little business of mine has allowed me to reconnect with people from my past- so far back, for example, that Brianne and I went to elementary school together. Seeing how Ross makes her giggle in the cutest little way makes me so incredibly happy for both of them. Here is a simple mini engagement shoot we did last week, after we chatted about their wedding and sipped on coffee. Ross and Brianne- thank you again for the honor of photographing your little love story- can’t wait until March!


Chris and Rebekah- Engaged

Posted on November 27th, by admin in COUPLES. No Comments

It’s hard to put words together to describe Rebekah and Chris. A couple of years ago Rebekah was in a season of her life where she following the Lord’s guidance and being obedient to what he called her to be- well, in this case, WHERE he called her to be. Her obedience took the form of physically moving to Northern Oregon to live with some close family friends and nannying for them. Little did she know that God truly did have a bigger plan for her life as her searching lead her straight into the arms of her future husband who was living in the same little town where she had just relocated to. When we met Chris we immediately knew they were perfect for each other. Knowing Rebekah for as long as I had I knew that the smile on her face was completely genuine, that the way she looked at Chris was different than the way she had ever looked at anyone else. See, it’s hard to put words together to describe Chris and Rebekah because I don’t really think that this kind of love can adequately be explained. But I know that I see it every time they are around each other. I see it when Chris cracks a witty joke and Rebekah giggles, I see it when Rebekah supports Chris in everything (even purchasing a beautiful motorcycle even though she was hesitant at first to ride one). Little did Rebekah know that when she was obedient in the little things with God that he would so generously and abundantly bless her and lead her life straight into the arms of the one she would spend forever with. Rebekah and Chris- I could not be more thrilled for you two and am so excited to see where God leads you two as you enter this holy commitment in marriage together.

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Matthew + Courtney Engaged

Posted on July 5th, by admin in COUPLES, Uncategorized. 2 comments

If I could sum up Matthew and Courtney’s engagement session I would simply say joyful. The two of them couldn’t stop smiling and being giddy- making each other laugh either by tickle fights, inside jokes whispered in each other’s ears, or completely candid and totally hilarious phrases shouted out loud (ahem, Matthew). Needless to say this couple was a dream to photograph. The chemistry they have is so apparent and the connection they share runs so deep. This kind of love is one that exists beautifully out of a commitment to be with one another through thick and thin. They were so natural on this warm summer’s evening photo shoot- Courtney in her lovely white lace dress and Matthew chasing after his bride through the wheat fields. Thank you so much Matt and Courtney for allowing me the honor of photographing your love for one another and I am SO looking forward to January!

Chris + Ellie

Posted on June 29th, by admin in COUPLES. 1 Comment

It was a gloriously breezy and sunny day in Agua Dulce, CA, and Chris and Ellie were getting married. The day was perfectly filled in the most beautiful ways- filled with joy, filled with color, filled with laughter, filled with tears, filled with prayer, filled with love. Ellie and Chris decided to not see each other before the ceremony but instead chose to do a “fake” first look where they could pray with each other without seeing each other. One of my favorite moments of the day was getting ready to take that “fake” first look photo, seeing Chris’s anxious face and Ellie’s excited grin. The second she reached out and held his hand from the other side of the barn door, the biggest smile I have ever seen crossed Chris’s face. He didn’t have to see her physically, but he knew his beautiful bride was just a few feet away, anxiously awaiting with him the moment when they would become husband and wife. It’s that kind of simple yet beautiful love that was so present that day. From the colorful flowers, the incredible dancers, the home cooked food and the beautiful venue- this day made a lasting impact on me. Thank you Ellie and Chris for giving me the honor of photographing your dearly special day.

Also, a HUGE shout out to the wonderful Bridgette Ambrose Photography for second shooting for me on this special day.



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