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  • Silvia- Sweet Sixteen Photos

    Silvia- where do I even start with this sweet girl. She exudes the love of Christ in everything she does. She is able to start up a conversation with anyone and has a smile that puts you at ease instantly. Crazy and hilarious stories about her past, her family, her dreams, and aspirations come rolling off her tongue so effortlessly that they draw you in and you don’t mind staying a while. Silvia has a confidence about her that goes far beyond her years.  She has a love and appreciation for the simple and beautiful things in life- which is exactly why she chose to be out in nature for her sweet sixteen photo session. When we were driving up to the forest for these photos she didn’t hesitate one bit when I saw wild flowers on the side of the road and suggested pulling over to pick some. She’s the kind of girl who tosses her sandals off and prefers to frolic barefoot in the woods.  Silvia, taking these photos for your sweet sixteenth birthday was an honor for me. I am so excited to see where the Lord takes you on this crazy journey of life.

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  • Ross + Brianne Wedding

    Ross and Brianne were wed on a beautiful spring afternoon in March. Surrounded by friends and family these two committed their lives to one another and words can’t express what an honor it was to capture this special and holy occasion. This was truly a quintessential spring wedding complete with beautiful fresh flowers, little faux butterflies lovingly attached to each centerpiece, and the prettiest purple bridesmaid dresses. The whole day seemed to come together flawlessly- even the surprise that the couple recieved when they saw that Ross’s dear friends strung hundreds of twinkly lights up inside the chapel where they would begin their life as husband and wife. But more important than all of these details was the love I witnessed between these two very special people. The moment that pretty much summed up their relationship to me was when Ross took the mic at the reception to deliver a quick speech. Most couples will generally say a huge thank you to their guests for attending; however Ross went one step further. He admitted that he never really knew much about weddings- all of the time, prep, and planning that went into everything. He stood up there and publicly acknowledged Brianne for all of the hard work that she put into planning their special day. He could have easily glanced over her efforts and just thanked the audience. But he intentionally chose to recognize his wife in front of all of their family and friends. The look that was on Brianne’s face as she locked eyes with her groom during his speech was one of utmost respect and deeply sincere love. Ross and Brianne, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, laughter, love, and blessings. Thank you so much for inviting me to witness and capture your big day.


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  • Anastasia “Trash The Dress” Sesssion

    So to say that I’ve been dying to share these photos with everyone is a drastic understatement. Anastasia contacted me last summer in hopes to do a “trash the dress” session in the woods. Immediately I jumped on the opportunity and we brainstormed locations and different ideas for the session. I created some lovely little flower and leaf wreaths to give this session a very nature and outdoorsy vibe. I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results. You might ask exactly why it’s taken so long to share these photos. Well, Miss Anastasia kept this entirely a secret from her husband and actually created an album with these images to give him on their one year anniversary (earlier this month). I know, the sweetest idea ever, right? Without further ado here they are!