Walk barefoot. Connect. Belong. Love. Capture the present.
Los Angeles based portrait photography.


Hello there. I’m Kim.

I could spend my whole life barefoot. I live for sunny days and starry nights. I love mashed potatoes. I adore evening strolls with my husband. I would choose the forest over the city any day. I love the freedom I feel when I open the first page of a blank sketchbook or pop open a brand new tube of watercolor paint. I love the life God’s blessed me with and the passions He’s placed in my heart.

After graduating with my BA degree in Art I continued my search for a medium to tunnel my passions through. While I held dear the feeling of oil paint on an empty canvas or rubbing pastels in my hand, it lacked one thing. It didn’t remind me of what’s important in life. It didn’t make my heart sing.

Far beyond my passion for expression through fine art, I discovered an even greater passion when I picked up a camera. And that’s where you come in: that look you get when you stare into the eyes of your beloved fiancé or your carefree child. The truth that even in the midst of crazy schedules, messy houses, sticky hands, and chaos all around, the second you hold that loved one in your arms everything is okay.

See, my passions are more deeply rooted than simply taking a picture. I desire to show through the lens of my camera the feeling you get when you are near your loved ones. My goal is that every time you hold that photograph in your hands it will remind you how beautiful this life is and how blessed you truly are.

So please drop me an email, I’d love to tell your story.



Photo by Amanda K Photography