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Joey + Marileen Engaged

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Joey and Marileen have been such dear friends for quite some time. But they’ve known each other for even longer than I’ve known each of them. These two grew up in the same church family and have known each other since childhood. Little did they know that the person they were chasing around the playground would one day turn out to be  their future spouse. When they started dating my husband and I were so beyond excited for the two of them, but not nearly as excited as we were when we saw their announcement that they were engaged. Joey and Marileen, taking your engagement photos was such a privilege for me and I can not wait til your big day!

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Justin + Rebecca Engagement

I shot Justin and Rebecca’s engagement photographs at the Japanese Gardens on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The joy that this couple brought combined with the absolute peacefulness and serenity in the gardens made for one stellar engagement session.  I literally can not wait to photograph this couple’s garden wedding this weekend. Justin and Rebecca, thank you so much for allowing me the honor of capturing your love for one another!


Stephanie + Jeison Engagement

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One of the things that I absolutely love about being a portrait photographer is the people I have the honor of meeting through this little business of mine. Stephanie and Jeison have known each other for years and are actually high school sweet hearts. They’ve been through so much of their lives together- the homecoming football games, the proms, the first day of college as well as their college graduations. Their relationship is one of simply enjoying and choosing the other’s company- a friendship that can only come from years of being together. On a sunny summer afternoon we escaped to the forest where I photographed these two hugging and snuggling under huge pine trees. There was not a soul near us that day and it was truly special to observe the kindness and the authenticity of Stephanie and Jeison’s relationship. These two get married tomorrow, and words can not express how thoroughly excited I am to capture their big day.

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Silvia- Sweet Sixteen Photos

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Silvia- where do I even start with this sweet girl. She exudes the love of Christ in everything she does. She is able to start up a conversation with anyone and has a smile that puts you at ease instantly. Crazy and hilarious stories about her past, her family, her dreams, and aspirations come rolling off her tongue so effortlessly that they draw you in and you don’t mind staying a while. Silvia has a confidence about her that goes far beyond her years.  She has a love and appreciation for the simple and beautiful things in life- which is exactly why she chose to be out in nature for her sweet sixteen photo session. When we were driving up to the forest for these photos she didn’t hesitate one bit when I saw wild flowers on the side of the road and suggested pulling over to pick some. She’s the kind of girl who tosses her sandals off and prefers to frolic barefoot in the woods.  Silvia, taking these photos for your sweet sixteenth birthday was an honor for me. I am so excited to see where the Lord takes you on this crazy journey of life.

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