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Andrew and Erica- Los Angeles Photos

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Erica and Andrew moved away from their Maryland home a few years ago to live in sunny southern California. They have been married for a few years and, get this, they’re highschool sweathearts. (Cue collective “Awwww…”). They love to travel and knew they wouldn’t live in Los Angeles forever. After recently deciding to move back to the east coast so Andrew can pursue further education, (but first they’re spending this summer in Paris. How cool is that?!), Erica contacted me to take photos to capture their time living here. They wanted photos of them in their favorite places around Los Angeles. A local Los Angeles girl myself, my creative mind was bouncing off the walls in excitement over capturing the love this husband and wife have for each other in a city I hold dear to my heart. We started in Pasadena, working our way through Old Town, the city hall, their favorite frozen yogurt place, and even the pool at their villa they loved laying by during their summers living here. Then we headed to an amazing bridge that overlooks the Los Angeles skyline. From there we ended our journey in Santa Monica, walking along the boardwalk, renting bikes, and watching the sun set on the beach. 
At the beginning of the shoot Erica told me that they wanted the photos to be more about the environments they were in and the feel of the city, as opposed to engagement shoots that more focused on the love the couple has for one another. Of course, as we started shooting, the love they had for one another touched my heart so dearly I couldn’t help but shoot a couple tender moments between the two of them. We had such a blast driving around the whole city, and the more time I spent with Erica and Andrew the more I saw how beautiful their marriage is. They were totally down to do just about anything to get “that perfect shot.” All in all they were a photographers DREAM to work with. Honestly, it didn’t even feel like working, it felt like I was with a couple of friends sightseeing for the day. Complete creative freedom combined with some amazing locations and even more so a couple that is so madly in love proved to be one of my favorite sessions yet. Erica and Andrew, I wish you all the best in all of your travels, and if you ever find yourself in Los Angeles again hit me up, I’d love to hear about where your adventurous life together has taken you next :)

Donnelly Family Photo shoot

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Where to even begin with this family? I’ve known Ryan and Jenn for years, long before their little tykes came along. Even back then as newly weds they had such a heart for loving people and serving as much as they can through our church. Fast forward to present day, Ryan and Jenn have 4 wonderful kids all under the age of 5- and that same love I saw back then is now magnified in their happy family. I seriously don’t know how they have enough hours in the day to do all they do- between pouring into their kids lives, serving in the youth group at my church, being on the missions committee, planning events, mentoring the youth, and still managing to make time to hang out with my boyfriend and I- staying up late watching silly canadian shows. All I can say is that this family seriously knows how to love others selflessly, so it was such an honor to give back in some little way by taking photos of their beautiful family. This shoot was in our schedules for months, and even with a few hick ups and needing to reschedule, we finally set a date in March. However, once we showed up, even after a week of beautiful so cal sunshine, it decided to be drizzly and wet for the couple of hours that we shot. But just a few raindrops wouldn’t stop us from having a blast! Between making silly faces at the camera, goofy tickle fights, a rocking pink tutu, super hero poses, and watching the rain drops fall from under a clear umbrella… we had so much fun. I haven’t laughed that hard or played that much in quite some time. After taking pictures of families and kids I always have that “purpose moment.” I know it might sound a bit corny, but when I sat down to edit through these pictures, I couldn’t help but smile and feel that deep down inside this is what I’m meant to be doing. This is what brings me happiness; this is what makes my heart sing. So, I hope you enjoy these images I was honored to capture for Ryan, Jenn, Benjamin, Joshua, Noelle, and Ezra. :) Welcome to the blog the Donnelly Family.

Donnelly Family Sneak Peak

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Hey everyone! I hope your Tuesday is going well. Just couldn’t wait to share a sneak peak from a session I did with the Donnelly family. A family with four adorable kids, two amazing and incredibly in love parents, a rainy day and a deserted park… sounds like a dream to me :) More to come from this wonderful family, but here’s a shot I got of little Noelle and Jenn. Check back soon for the full shoot! 


Ben and Jaclyn: Engaged!

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Where do I even begin to introduce this beautiful couple? Jaclyn and I have been friends all throughout college, even when New Jersey stole her away for the last few years. But that’s okay, I’ll forgive New Jersey, because it was there that she met her soon to be husband Ben. I can still remember the phone call I got when she called all of us girls back in here in California just weeks after she moved to attend choir college telling us all about this amazing guy she met- his charming personality, his astounding voice, his rugged beard- and how she loved spending time with him. It wasn’t long after that when they officially started dating. We knew things had gotten pretty serious when he came home with her during the holidays to meet her family and of course her best friends. Poor guy had to be so nervous to meet all of us at once at a game night hours after their flight got in. But sure enough one look at the two of them together and we all knew they had each found ‘the one.’ Ben is such a gentleman and beyond loving towards Jaclyn, and the way Jaclyn speaks about Ben you can hear the respect and admiration in her voice.  I’m so honored to be part of their special day this July where I’ll stand up there with all of the other bridesmaids watching as one of my best friends marries her true best friend. So without further ado here are the photographs I took of these two love birds in Sierra Madre.



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