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Styled Shoot: Anastasia and Rebekah

Posted on July 3rd, by admin in LIFESTYLE. No Comments

A huge part of why I photograph people is to give back, to show them what their love looks like through my lens, to give them a way to remember the important things in life that pass on too quickly.

But sometimes I need to take a step back from my clients and photograph something just for me. No strings attached, no end goal, nothing. To photograph just for the sake of photographing. There’s a sense of freedom in this, creating artwork for the sake of creating and filling my heart.  I would push any of you out there reading this: to create and do something just for YOU. You don’t even need to show anyone your end result. Just create. Make something out of nothing, trust that creative voice inside you, just run with it. I promise there’s freedom in this.
When I contacted my gorgeous friends Anastasia and Rebekah they were totally down for doing just this: running around barefoot through nature just for the sake of feeling free. Here’s a few shots I captured that evening, with the sun setting, wind blowing softly above the city with no one around to make noise or to distract. When I shoot things like this it reminds me why I choose this medium to create artwork: it allows me to fall in love with photography all over again.



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