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Wildflowers Photography Workshop: The Fike Family

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It’s amazing to look back and see how much I’ve grown in my photography since I first started about 8 months ago. It started out as just a hobby, something I did for fun here and there. But the more I took a step back and looked at my life and my passions, the more I realized that there is something more to my ‘hobby.’ I know it sounds pretty silly, and maybe like it’s been said before, but over the last few months my hobby has grown into my passion. I’ve realized how much I absolutely love capturing moments between people who love each other deeply. I love seeing how a mom plays with her baby, how a newly engaged couple show their love for each other, how two siblings interact and play like no one is watching. That’s why I take pictures. To capture these moments that we remember in our heart, but seldom see a physical depiction.
When I stumbled across Wildflowers Photography, I saw that same passion I have in my heart. Joy Harmon Prouty, the amazing woman behind Wildflowers Photography, hosts a workshop for photographers meant to rekindle that passion and grow and learn from other woman photographers.  I went on this workshop last month, really nervous and not knowing what to expect. This was literally the first leap that I’d taken into portrait photography. Words can not describe how much I learned from Joy and from all the other wonderful women there. While we were there we did three styled photoshoots, the first of which this blog post is about.
I’d like to introduce the Fike family J Such a wonderful family that acted AMAZING, considering there were 20 lenses pointed directly at them for about 2 hours. The styling in this shoot was done by Joy, and it was inspiring to see how she interacted with the family, yet still let them be themselves and fall into a pose that was so natural, yet so beautiful.  This was the very first time I’d taken pictures of a family, and after this shoot I absolutely fell in love with this kind of photography. I can’t wait and am literally itching to capture such raw and beautiful emotions within loving families in the future. This is the first of many shoots to come, so I hope you enjoy and I hope I was able to capture the sweet love this family has for each other. And just wait, there are two more posts coming from this workshop, so check back soon J

Garrett, Lacey, and baby Kevin

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The Wests. Such an amazing family. Garrett, Lacey, and baby Kevin live in the wine country up in the hills above Temecula. Photographer’s dream? Absolutely. We took the majority of these on their property as the sun was setting through the vinyards and eucalyptus in their front yard. Words can’t describe the love displayed between this family. Kevin has such amazing blue eyes full of curiosity and wonder. He already loves reading, even though he’s only 11 months old. This kid’s a genius in the making. Seeing the love Garrett and Lacey have for their first born is astounding. I’m so blessed to know this family. Enjoy!

Chelsey and the girls getting ready

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So you may remember this gorgeous lady from her engagement photo shoot I did a while back. Well, her and Chris’s big day finally came and I was privileged to be a bridesmaid in their wedding! It was hands down one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. Chelsey and I have been best friends since highschool and it was a great joy being a part of this big day. The rehearsal was at the Walnut grove out in Moorpark, and us girls stayed the night in a hotel right near the venue. It was a fun day/ night filled with laying by the pool, ordering pizza, lots of giggles, watching old movies, and loads of memories. This is the second wedding I’ve been in that the bride chose to do this, and I think it’s SUCH a good idea! What better way to spend your last day of being single than with your best friends? The morning of, In the midst of all the make up and hair spray craziness, I managed to grab my camera and shoot some pictures of Chelsey and us bridesmaids getting ready. Oh, the anticipation for the big day! Chelsey, I hope you and Chris enjoy these pictures and have a wonderful and blessed marriage together. Love you both!

It’s all about the lighting

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Ohhhh lighting. The more I experiment with photography the more I’ve come to realize just how key lighting is. It can make- or break an image.

The other day Jake and I journeyed around Burbank looking for the perfect spot at the perfect time for the best golden sunshine. We stumbled across this beautiful park that was shockingly empty for a gorgeous Friday evening. I think the emptiness really adds to the charm of these images.

Not only was this great practice in getting the lighting just right, this was also the first photoshoot that I did entirely shooting raw. One word: AH-MAZ-ING. Wow, I’m NEVER going back! I feel as though the veil has been lifted in a huge hurdle in getting my pictures to look jusssst right- just like they do in this crazy head of mine. Also, I’ve never really done a photoshoot with my handsome boyfriend, so this was also great practice in taking headshot type images. He’s so handsome :)

Hope you enjoy this little for funsies shoot!



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